What Can A Small Business Marketing Consultant Do To Help You Grow Your Business?

Think back to the time you started your business. Chances are it was because you enjoyed being in a particular industry – you had a passion about your product or service, and wanted to share it with the world. But did you ever stop and say to yourself, “I can’t wait to market this business”? Probably not. That unfortunately is why many of today’s small businesses fail. The owners try everything they can think of to save their business, yet they miss out on the one opportunity that can turn their business into true success: hiring a small business marketing consultant.

A small business marketing consultant specializes in learning the top ways to market a business; creates strategies that will help businesses double, even triple their current profits; and teaches the most effective methods for increasing the bottom line of any business.

In today’s business world, there are two types of small business marketing consultants:

* Traditional small business marketing consultants

* Online small business marketing consultants

A traditional small business marketing consultant can help you create a marketing strategy using traditional tools. They understand how to advertise your business. They understand the importance of branding. They can help you write copy, and create dynamic promotional pieces. In short, they understand how to marketing your business well in the traditional environment.

But if someone has been in the marketing field for a number of years, and understands traditional marketing venues well, what they may not be good at is making the transition to the online world. And there is a world of difference between traditional and online marketing.

An online small business marketing consultant understands the same strategies used in traditional marketing. They understand advertising. They understand branding. They understand the importance for creating dynamic promotional pieces. But from there is where the differences begin.

An online small business marketing consultant realizes that you sell differently online than you do off. It takes different strategies, different copy, and different promotional materials to succeed online. Not only should a consultant provide you with traditional methods, but they should make sure these methods feed the online world as well.

For example, a postcard sent out direct mail has always been a successful tool. But if you send out that postcard asking for the reader to take one action step – heading to a website to sign up for a free report – you success rate for that postcard will improve dramatically.

Home Business – Market Your Products and Services in the Comfort of Your Abode

There are many job opportunities inside big cities and even in towns with high rise buildings and plush offices, but you need certain qualifications for high corporate positions. You always have to meet the needs of your company boss no matter where you work.

Now the question is how about those busy mothers that are doing their daily household chores and those who do not have the capability to work outside their home.

Would they be able to work and earn some extra money?

Absolutely, yes, but it always depends on what kind of home business you will have, how to start the business, and who would be the target market.

There are always the basic issues that almost everyone encounters in starting a new home business. Like deciding on what kind of business you can start up. For instance you can be the best writer, tax accountant, or web designer in the market. And the other issue is if you don’t know how to get connected to the word market or even local markets, how could you market your product or service?

You have to list these important steps to help avoid the barriers that may occur while you are creating your home business. Here are five important steps to follow to get started with internet marketing and for you to market your products or services from your own home.

1. You must decide who your main customers are before you start a home business. As a group, how old are they? Where do they live? How much money do they make? What kinds of jobs do they have and what are their interests? The better you can sketch a detailed profile of the kinds of people, who will be your main customers, the better you’ll fare in the next four steps.

2. What kinds of media do your main customers use?

Each type of media has its own target audience. Each radio station, newspaper, magazine, or TV program tries to interest a specific segment of the population. The trick is to match your main customers with the kinds of media they use. And remember that media is not just TV and newspapers. Effective media can be anything that conveys your message. Media choices range from million dollar commercials in the Super Bowl to a few free pens with your name on them. Along that line, the internet is now the most powerful media you can use at a relatively low cost for your home business.

3. Limit the media to what you can afford to use consistently to promote your home business.

The key to effective home business marketing is consistency. You have to hit the audience with your message again, and again.

Marketers use the Rule of Seven. Prospects must see or hear your message seven times before they consider buying. Don’t blow your entire marketing budget on a one-shot media blitz. Choose a less expensive type of media that you can afford to use week after week. Google may be a good place to start your home business advertising. Just be sure to get a free eCourse to educate yourself on how to effectively use this type of advertising from someone with experience.

4. Sell the main benefit of your product or service of your home business.

Focus on what is unique about your home business products or services. How does your product or service improve your customer’s life? Talk to your customer from their own perspective. Does your product or service save them time? Make them richer? Make them more attractive?

Your home business marketing should drive home this most important benefit as clearly and directly as possible. Customers buy benefits! When you advertise the features of your product or service, connect those features to the benefits they will bring the customer.

5. Last, but certainly not least, remember to promote your business with the latest on-line marketing tactics. Articles are very effective to get the word out.

The Internet is wide open to everyone. It’s the only “big” media that allows the small home business person to get their message out at very low cost. Bulletin boards and newsgroups may appreciate helpful information that you provide. Most won’t mind if you sign your name along with four to six lines about your business in your bio.

These are the five essential steps to effective marketing of a home business. Keep them in mind as you decide how to market your new home business. They are the single most important reasons why some marketing aspects fail while other types of marketing brings massive amounts of new customers and profits.